Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist assistant in training

This whole idea of an artists assistant is very new to me.  Never having had one before I wasn't quite sure what to expect when presented with this little surprise, but I'm slowly warming up to the idea of sharing my workload.  As with any relationship, I suppose it will take a bit of time to discover and get used to each others unique skills and work habits.


This morning we had a long discussion on office etiquette.  After listening intently, kitty was determined to prove her positive value in the studio.  Stepping around the paint palette, she carefully checked over my brush selection and determined them suitable to the task at hand.

With her meticulous eye for detail, she critiqued my work.  Attention was paid to my bright color palette and division of the beach babes which had been hand painted on canvas and cut into thirds for a wood block triptych.

Not yet knowing the seasons, she checked my calendar and noted that the first day of Spring is on March 20th, less than 2 weeks away.  With everyone's thoughts turning to warmer days and Spring break, we decided now was the perfect time to introduce my "Girls by the Shore" triptych.


Girls by the shore is an original canvas beach painting adhered to 3 natural wood blocks.  A 7 x 7.5 x 1.5 inch sculptural triptych meant for arranging on a table or shelf.  These three girls would look awesome in any beach home or vacation house.

The back and sides of each block have been painted with 3 coats of black chalkboard paint ~ great for adding personal notes or messages ~ they were given a final sanding to add a well worn vintage look.  Available now in my shop


With our morning work finished, and in need of a bit of refueling,  we decided it was time for a coffee break.


  1. She's adorable! I have a couple "assistants" in my studio as well, although they typically only assist in distracting me, especially on sunny days when they would rather be in the park and have no problem letting me know it!


  2. oh what a cute assistant!!!! I love these paintings!!!!!

  3. I am waiting for the day when she becomes a little less tentative around our pup and thus more easily distracted. But I believe your assistants probably do know what's best, a little run in the park - on a sunny day - would lighten anyone's work load. It would do us all good to behave a little more like our animals sometimes :)

  4. Ooooh what a sweeeeeet assistant!!! She knows how to "help", doesn't she? She looks very curious and attentive -- she's sure a very clever little girl! Cat girls can be really smart and your kitty looks like she's going to be more than just an assistant... I think she's studying to be the new boss in the house ;)!

  5. Not sure if our pup will readily give up her "boss of the house" title, so kitty might have to settle for little boss in training.


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