Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little surprise

My daughters boyfriend gave her an early birthday surprise with this adorable little kitten.  My husband and I were stunned when we received the new kitty disclosure via a texted cell phone image of my daughter, with a great big smile, holding the kitten and with the message...Look what R. gave me!

What a thoughtful gift considering the fact that our soon to be eighteen year old daughter is a senior in high school who still lives at home and is set to head off to college in the fall ~ and I'm quite sure college freshmen are not allowed to bring pets into their dorms.

Once seeing the kitten and our daughters hopeful, can we please keep her face, I think my husband and I might be wearing down our initial resistance.  In addition, since my both my daughter and husband head off to school and work in the morning, and I work out of the house;  I can see myself becoming rather attached to this cuddly little kitty.

Plus the fact that for the past year I've been telling my husband I need a secretary to help me with all the little details of running a small business.  Although a kitten wasn't what I was originally looking for, I suppose she'll work out quite nicely.   I now look forward to sharing my workload with her and will keep you updated on our daily business progress.
Happy Early Birthday Cupcake.


  1. The photos are just great. What a great gift for a the whole family.

  2. Awwwwww she's adorable!!! I'm sure she will be the perfect secretary... and I see lots of cuddles and love coming up :)!

  3. She is becoming quite the little gift, and gets better at her secretarial duties each day. I think she might even be growing on my husband.


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