Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Spring means wedding season is right around the corner.  In lieu of this I've been busy painting a few custom portraits inspired by the wedding and engagement pictures of two happy couples. Both of the portraits  were to be made into triptych paintings on wood.  Below are a few images of the portraits in process...

Wedding Portrait Triptych

The first portrait was for a newly wed couple who were married by the sea.  For this painting I was asked to change the background by leaving out the people and tree and adding in the sea and a sky line.

The portrait was painted with acrylics on a sheet of cold press paper, which when finished was cut into thirds and set aside until the rest of the process was completed.

 My handy husband cut a long piece of wood into 7 x 2.5 inch pieces.

Which I sanded to remove rough spots and splinters and stained so the natural imperfections of the wood remained visible.

The cut portrait was adhered to the three wood blocks and coated with non-yellowing varnish to seal and protect my painting.  The finished sculptural piece of art measures 7 x 7.5 inches and is ready to arrange on a shelf, desk or counter top.

Engagement Portrait Triptych

 The next portrait was to be created from an engagement photograph with the trees and clouds included in the painting.

Once the image was sketched, the couple and background were painted in an impressionistic style by mixing various shades of color on the paper and dabbing on layers of paint with a brush.

In this image you can see how dabs of green paint in various hues create the illusion of trees and grass in the background.

And a close up of this same painting technique when applied to the couple's portrait.

A full view of the finished portrait before ~
it is cut in three 2.5 x 7 inch pieces and

adhered to the three wood blocks.

A painted, cut, sanded, sealed, signed and ready to display custom engagement portrait triptych painting.  Cheers to the newlyweds and soon to be weds!

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