Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday Morning Artists

Rory and Roxy are obviously very excited that their favorite artists will soon be arriving for another Monday morning art class!

In the Studio

 Michelle sketches a floral scene onto her 16x20 inch canvas. I believe she is going to paint this composition with palette knives in a loose, impressionistic style.  As with all of her work, it should be beautiful once finished!

Mimi continues to add detail to the members of her herd, carefully giving each one its own personality with a flourish of her brush.

Carolyn puts a few final touches onto her painting.  After which, with a final critique and official nod from the group, she calls the painting finished and signs her name.

Row House in Spring by Caroline Foresta
9x12 inch acrylic on canvas

After adding a little more green to the background, Cindy straightens out the edge of her still life brushes with a few strokes of white paint.  The painting is deemed finished by all members of the group and is signed by the artist with a stroke of red paint.

Still life with brushes by Cindy McWaters
11x14 inch acrylic on canvas

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  1. Looks like so much fun Cathie... what a great thing to do on a Monday morning! The paintings are great! Miss you XO


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