Thursday, April 26, 2012

In my Studio

Pre-School Class Gift
A hand painted class portrait

I don't think there is anything as adorable as a pre-school class portrait.  The personalities of each child seem to shine through the stiff pose and slightly nervous smile.  As a Catholic School graduate myself, I can tell a few things from this photograph without knowing anything about the children.  Most evident, the uniform is optional and still a novelty for these sweet students.  Trust me, by the time they're in upper-school they'll take every opportunity to wear anything except their school uniform.  But I digress...

I received this cute image along with an order to create two class portrait platters, each to include 14 students and two teachers.  Psalm 20:8 "Rise up and Stand Firm" was to be written across the top and the class name and year "Deep Sea Divers 2011-2012" to be written along the bottom. 

After consulting with my client and getting all the particulars, I drew the figures with pencil, outlined them with a thin line of black glaze and painted the outer rim in the school colors of green and navy, adding a whimsical touch with polka-dots.

Then painted the skin tones and clothing for each figure, added the teachers names and wrote the Psalm, class name and year along the top and bottom of each platter.

The platters were fired in my kiln - and are now ready to be given as gifts to two very much appreciated and loved pre-school teachers - Mrs. Richardson and...

Mrs. Holmes.  I wish I could be there to see their faces when they open up their keepsake gifts! 

And a very special thanks to Kim for giving me the opportunity to create these fun and memorable portrait platters!

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  1. Thank you so much Cathie! You have created a memory for these sweet ladies who have been a blessing to our children. You are truly talented. I can't wait to see their faces too!


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