Monday, May 18, 2009

Hand built Pottery Crosses - Another day of Production

In The Art Studio:
A Day Of Production
Creating Hand Formed Pottery Crosses
My focus for today's production schedule ~ after putting away all art supplies from this weekend's art show ~ was to create hand formed crosses for a custom order.
I drew and cut out the cross shape then gathered together my supplies: fishing line, rolling pin, low-fire white clay, drywall board, 2 wooden strips, and a fine point "Sharpie" marker.

The drywall board is wonderful for wet clay. The clay doesn't stick to it, and it helps soak up moisture during the drying process. Fishing line is an easy, and inexpensive way to make a clean cut through the clay.
Unfortunately, I don't have a slab roller, so I made my own using 2 strips of wood (1/2 inch thick, and 2 feet long) and a rolling pin. The wooden strips act as a guide for the rolling pin, helping to give the clay a uniform thickness.
I use my "special cutting tool" ~ a martini pick :0) for cutting out the cross shape.
Once all crosses have been cut,
I smooth out the edges with my fingers and a wee bit of water.
I use the end of the sharpie marker to create a hole in the top of the cross.

I now let the clay sit out for 48 hours allowing time for the moisture in the clay to evaporate. Once this step is complete, I'll bisque fire it in my kiln.


  1. what a fun way to learn something about this clay...I have some but have never understood how to use it although maybe I don't as mine doesn't have to be fired.. :( oh well, these are going to be beautiful and I love their size!

    thank you for your kind comments on my painting...they are so very much appreciated and it is very nice to meet you as well!

    blessings to you and your wonderful students! ;)

  2. Wow this looks like fun! Reminds of being in school in art class...many many moons ago!

  3. Howdy Magic Markings!
    Glad you found my blog and I yours! I love your's right up my alley with all the bright, juicy colors!!
    Were you in Stockley this weekend? I was horrified that it rained! If you were there I hope you did OK.
    I am thinking of applying for the fall show. I have never applied before. I am kind of new to the art and craft show scene.
    Have fun with your crosses! Sloane

  4. the crosses are very cool! cant wait to see them finished! i used to work with clay/ceramics, and loved it! this makes me want to get back into it!

  5. I haven't worked with clay since high school. Makes me want to take a class. Love the crosses.

  6. thanks for your comments everyone. clay is such a great tactile medium, and a fun diversion from painting on canvas. it's also wonderful for students who are a little unsure of their artistic capabilities as it gives them more freedom than drawing.
    Sloane ~ I did participate in Stockley this past weekend. Saturday was awesome, but Sunday was a humongous washout ~ the show was called off, and we took the tent down in torrential rains! Ahhh....the life of an artist :)

  7. thank you for sharing the process-you're helping me get even more excited about clay-
    those crosses are terrific...


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