Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shop Indie Online Feature Article Today is about.....ME!

Shop Indie Online
Shop Indie Online is an online shopping directory begun and promoted by artists/ business owners. The site is dedicated to supporting independent artists/businesses with unique, high quality items and customer service. It is their belief that as artists and independent business owners we can accomplish more by promoting our indie products as a whole ~ in one location ~ verses on an individual basis. Featured here you will find a wonderful selection of handmade items such as hand painted pottery :), paintings, bath and body products, jewelry, photography, fashion, cookies, etc, etc, etc.
I want to thank Chris for his feature on me and my products; and for bringing attention to the wonderful items being produced by independent artists and businesses. We truly appreciate Shop Indie Online!
****~~And now off to create~~****


  1. Happy to feature your colorful artwork on Shop Indie Online. Thanks for the plug.


  2. It's so nice to get featured!! Hopefully it brings you lots of business. I love your blog - the colors are great!!


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