Friday, May 29, 2009

Creativity - A gift meant to be shared and celebrated.

How absolutely, positively wonderful!
An award for little ole me - and my little ole blog.

One of the greatest gifts that artist have, besides the obvious, is their enthusiastic response to the creativity of others. It is what fuels, encourages, and enhances their artistic growth. Since beginning my blog this past January, I have had the incredible opportunity to "meet" and converse with artists whose imagination and vision leaves me in awe. I love to visit their blog sites to see their latest works of art, to read their inspiring words of wisdom, or just to say hello. This process has opened up a whole new creative world for me and has enriched my own productivity. Therefore, I was delighted when Anna presented me with this "Lovely Blog Award". Anna is a mother to three grown girls, grandmother to four "gorgeous" grandchildren, and wife to one man for almost 40 years. You can visit her through her blog site Almost Precious or her Etsy shop Almost Precious beads and beading supplies.
Thank you, Anna, for this heartening award.
Now it is my good fortune to pass this award on to fifteen artists whose sites are a true artistic delight. Click on their sites to take a peak into their creative world ~ be prepared to be inspired!
1. Folk Art by Campbell Jane
2. Pecannoot by Jess Gonacha
3. Suzan Buckner: Mixed media and art journal artist
.4 Pfeiffer Photos by Tina Pfeiffer
5. A Field Journal by Livy
6. Annette Quirke : Mixed Media Artist
7. Artistic Accents by Darla
8. Cindy and Mindy: Children's Illustrations that tell a story
9. PVE - Design - a place to remember
10. Stephanie Levy: a studio with a view
11. The Artist Side of Vivienne Strauss
12. Simple Hue by Vicki Dvorak
13. A Fanciful Twist by Venessa Valencia
14. Studio Fuller by Beth Hannon Fuller
15. Vulture Peak Muse by Linda



  1. thank you so much for this lovely award! It is always fun to be noticed and appreciated for one's endeavors ;)

    I will post this on my sidebar soon and will give some thought to passing it forward...there is no way I can pass it on to 15!!! artists as I don't know that many, perhaps only 3 actually but still I will give it some thought--perhaps to simply pass it on to blogs I enjoy ...thank you again for thinking of me!

  2. Thank-you. I am honored. I feel that each and every blogger deserves and award.

  3. Thank you so very much!! Your artwork is so very pretty and I'm honored to receive this award from you♥


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