Friday, May 1, 2009

Hand Painted Pottery Plates - Glazed and Ready to be Fired.

Hand Painted Pottery Plates ~ Custom Orders and Sample Pieces
This has been a very busy week, for which I am thankful. The numbers for the Garden Show and Sale on Wednesday were down, but as a first time vender, I was pleased with the contacts I made and the custom orders I received. I have not participated in a Craft Show since my sixteen year old daughter was two, so it was great to be in the company of fellow craft artists again. The pieces in the picture are custom orders for a birthday party, and sample pieces for a local children's boutique, Busy Bee's ~ and for listing on my etsy site. I drew the designs and started painting them yesterday. It is my plan to finish painting and adding the top coat of glaze today. Since I have another show this evening ~ Virginia Beach Town Center First Fridays Art Walk ~ I'll have to wait until tomorrow (my birthday :) to fire them. Unless, of course, my husband plans on whisking me away for a much deserved ~ happy birthday, I love you so much honey ~ vacation. If that dream happens, the pieces will just have to wait until Monday to be fired. Hmm...Maybe I should go get my bag ready....just in case.....


  1. Have a happy birthday! I hope you get an awesome surprise!

  2. Wow, those are really gorgeous... you did such a great job! And happy birthday!


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