Saturday, March 7, 2009

When women gather good things happen

Happy Birthday Janet!
Yesterday I brought my Traveling Art Party to a delightful, sunlit home in the neighborhood. Amy had called a few weeks ago wanting to plan a special surprise birthday party for her mother and her close group of girlfriends. Together we came up with an idea ~ the group would paint a canvas which would be presented to her mother at the end of the party. Since she was a little worried that some of the women would feel intimidated about painting, we decided an impressionistic, loose style painting (along with free flowing wine punch) would free up any inhibitions. Well, I must say, this was one uninhibited group of women. I think I had as much fun watching, and listening to the group as they did telling stories on one another, drinking punch, laughing, and, oh yeah, painting. Now, due to Amy's thoughtful surprise, a few women have discovered their hidden talent, her mother has fond memories of a sunny afternoon spent celebrating with good friends and a masterpiece to hang. Click here to view pictures from the party.

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