Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

this busy
time of the year ~
almost every room in
our home is a staging area for
some form of a holiday project. My
son's room is the "mat cutting" area and the
place where I store my art students canvas'. My
dining room is as always, the main area for painting. Our
family room has become the official Women who Art painting
area and my pottery painting site. Our dilemma now is ~ Where
Do We Put the Tree??!!!! Oh well, a busy home is a happy

Just for you... a peak into yesterdays ornament production.

Pottery ornaments, hand drawn and hanging out
in the sunlight.

Later that evening...
the painting process has begun.

Even later that evening...
ornaments are painted and outlined in black.

At 12:30PM ~ my day was finished. So,
I left the U.Va. Cav man and the Va. Tech
HokieBird alone on the table to duke it out
while everyone else in the house slept soundly.
Not to worry though...
this morning everything appeared unscathed and
the ornaments are now in the kiln for their firing process.
Tomorrow they'll be ready for ribbons, photo's and for listing
in my shop: Magic Markings

If you would like a customized ornament ~ let me know...
if you don't have a blog - and want to leave a message just
select the anonymous button in the "Comment As" Area.
I would also love to hear your ideas for ornament designs -
or your thoughts as to who would win the
Cav man vs. HokieBird wrestling match!

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