Sunday, December 6, 2009

Student Spotlight - Women Who Art

Artist of the Week...
Virginia Hudgins

The Subject...Daisy...

A bright, sunny morning in the studio,
everyone happily painting.

During the first session, Virginia painted an undercoat
of blue and violet to show shadow and depth. She glazed
over the dark tones with a yellow-gold acrylic paint adding white
highlights to the fur and black to the mouth, nose and eyes.

During the next class, more paint was added to bring
color and life to Daisy's portrait.

A few more brush strokes to add detail ~
and the truly amazing portrait of Daisy is finished.

The colors and detail in this painting are stunning,
as is the the way Virginia was able to capture Daisy's
incredible spirit and personality.

Congratulations on an Amazing Work of Art, Virginia ~
We all stand in Awe!

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