Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

The artist of the week ~
Susan Bernhardt

Susan joined our Monday morning art class during
the November session
and was soon gracing us with
her talent and stories.
We all welcome her joy for life,
her sense of humor, and her passion for painting.

After graphing her image, Susan begins the painting
in an impressionistic style.

At the end of each session paintings are placed on our
"critique easel" for valued input from the rest of the class.
This is a great picture of Susan's original image and the
graphed canvas reproduction - in it's beginning stages.

Using her lap as an easel, she continues to figure
out and add areas of contrast and value.

The Island Bungalow emerges from her
brush, the paints and the canvas.

A last studied look before putting her painting
on the easel and asking the proverbial question ~
"Do you think I'm done?"

Susan and her amazing masterpiece -
One can just imagine an incredible art studio
housed within those walls!
Seriously, When can we move in?

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