Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Rush

Paint seems to be flying as I finish up one of my
last custom portraits for the 2009 holiday season.
All in hopes that this thoughtful gift -
(from a son and his fiance - to their newly-wed
mother and step-father) will make it safely onto
Santa's sleigh by tomorrow afternoon.

The original photograph

Late night painting in my pj's - while
listening to the Redskins loose to the Giants.

The finishing touches.

The end of a long day - and I'm ready for bed.
Sweet dreams.


  1. What a fabulous gift..., and I love your open, high ceiling space with those wonderful windows..., great light to paint (during day time of course, lol).

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. They will be so touched when they see this beautiful painting!
    what a gorgeous studio you work in, I don't think I'd ever leave if I had that, lol!

    Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family, and many blessings for the new year


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