Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brand New Button Making Machine = Too much Fun..

I just received my new button maker on
Monday afternoon and have been having a
field day creating pinback buttons using
reproductions of my original art work. I designed
matching card backs to go along with them
so the pins can be given as artistic alternatives
to traditional cards. The images below are a few examples:

Personalized Pins
Made from reproductions of my
Hand Painted Portraits. A fun
addition to an original custom

Toast your gal pals with this whimsical
martini pinback button featuring a
reproduction of my original painting "Blue Martini"

This classic button features a print
of my original painting "Fishing for Love".

and this whimsical Valentine's Button is from
another one of my vintage beach paintings.

So now you can wear your heART
on your sleeve, jacket, hat, book-bag, t-shirt, notebook
or wherever you desire.

All of these are available in my shop -

Coming soon...Magnets and Little Pocket Mirrors
featuring more reproductions of my paintings! Yup - I
think I'm on a roll! Let me know if there's a special
image or picture that you would like custom made into
a button for your own little valentines cuz' you know I'd
be more than happy to create another pin :)

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