Monday, January 25, 2010

Student Artist of the Week...

Mimi Boseman

Mimi came to us as a first time acrylic painter.
She had previously painted with water colors,
but acrylics opened up a whole new - and very
colorful - world to her. And through her canvas,
to us as well. It was delightful watching Mimi
develop her painting style. In the beginning she
painted square by square - following the graph
lines on her canvas...

We all watched with amazement as the garden came to life
little by little, square by square.

After a few classes painting in this fashion, Mimi changed
her style and started laying down values of color and
texture across the entire canvas.
As she viewed the composition
as a whole, the beauty of the landscape quickly developed in
its entirety.

Diligently working in order to finish this
gift to a friend.

Mimi's Impressionistic Garden Scene -
and her first painting using acrylics!!!

And the beautiful view of her neighbors garden.
Click on the painting to see all of her wonderful
use of color, brush strokes, and texture.

Mimi, you've added another colorful layer to our
wonderful group of painters. Thank you!

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