Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Painting Group - Student Spotlight of the Week

This week we are graced with the lovely work
of artist ~ Sarah Jackson

For this session Sarah reproduced an image of a painting
that she had torn out of a magazine. Unfortunately,
we don't know the name of the artist, therefore cannot
give due credit - except for the beautiful way
in which it was replicated by our talented friend.

Sarah works very fast and was able to
lay down the undertones of the billowing
sails on the first day of this session.

The painting, at first glance, was deceivingly
simple - but upon closer inspection there
was a lot more depth to the piece due to
the original artists use of color, line and
brush strokes.

A serene palette of color was reflected in the sky,
the sails, and on the surface of the water. While,
the brush strokes help add a sense of movement to
the overall scene.

Sarah continues to build up color, line and
texture in the water,

in the sky and on the sails. Until at last

she signed her name and announced she
was finished - to an enthusiastic round of
applause from the rest of our art group!
And another piece of art is deemed ~
Wall Worthy!

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