Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ready for 2010

After a wonderful holiday season and a little
down time from my "normal" work routine, I'm creatively
and ready for good things and good times in 2010!

During my "break" I was busy creating a new line
of items for my art work - which I will be listing frequently
during the next few weeks and beyond.

First on the list - what my husband lovingly calls
a triple threat - A Set of Three Hand Painted Art Blocks
that feature a reproduction of my painting ~
"My Sweet Valentine".
Each block has been hand painted on all four sides ~
so they can arranged or stacked in many different,
creative ways.

The Front

The Back - "You're nothing short of my everything"

Creatively arranged

Finally - An adult set of wooden blocks that
bring back our
inner child and allow us time
to relax and creatively play!
Make it one of your
New Year's Resolutions to add more fun to your
overworked schedule! Enjoy

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