Sunday, February 7, 2010

Commissioned Painting - Family Portrait - Update...

New Commission Piece for this beautiful family.

The original family portrait -
One of a series taken by professional photographer, Sara K. Blanco.

In addition to these portraits, the proud momma contacted me to

see if I could paint this image on a canvas. She decided on a 20" x 24"
canvas, which will look lovely inside the "big, chunky, ornate kind"
of frame that she loves. I started the painting this weekend ~

For my process, I scanned the original portrait, cut out the figures and
collaged them onto the canvas. I figure out my color palette, then start
to paint the figures and background with the first of many layers of
color and texture.

I'll continue to add color value and detail to the figures and
to the background. New images will be added as progress on
the painting continues - so mom and her family - who don't live
nearby - can "watch" their piece of art come to life.

Painting continues into the evening.

A close-up as I start to add detail to the individual portraits
and landscape

And the finished portrait -
approved by the family and ready to be shipped out tomorrow!

Kara ~ I thank you for the opportunity to paint your beautiful family.


  1. I have taken plenty of commissions myself in the I know what it's like to have the satisfaction of a job well done....
    customer approved....!!

    nice work..
    this is my first stop to your blog...i'll look around some more now...but I'd like to invite you to come visit me as well on my might like what I do too!


  2. by the way, I'm your newest follower!

    happy monday!



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