Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summertime Dreaming

With the sunrise coming earlier, and the noise of sweet
birds chirping, and garden centers adding spring flowers;
my thoughts ~ and paintings ~ are turning to the delicious
warm days of summer. My studio is filled with nostalgic images
of bathing beauties captured on canvas.

This painting, based on an old photograph of
my sister, sold within hours of listing to a happy
buyer in Canada. Guess all the snow and ice of
the winter Olympics have her dreaming of summer too!

This 8 x 10 " painting was inspired by a vintage
photograph of a woman diver. I kept the composition
simple so the focus remains on the beautiful form
of the woman.

Lady Swimmer
Another 8" x 10" painting inspired by
a vintage photograph of a bathing cap clad beauty.

These paintings are just a few in my "Vintage Pool Series"
which I'll be posting - and listing in my shop - in hopes that -
like the early sunrise and sounds of spring - they'll bring
the warm days of summer that much closer.


  1. Morning!
    I just had to click onto your colourful painting today while browsing on my dashboard here..well done...your collection, or series is delightfully charming!

    ;have a great day!

  2. Thank you for the warm compliment Carmelina! A wonderful day to you too.


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