Friday, February 12, 2010

Student Spotlight on my newest little artist...

This little artist is home schooled so I have the pleasure
of working with and teaching her art in my home studio.
Since the beginning of January we've been meeting once a
week. Her first project, a self portrait with her cat, encompassed
a couple of different lessons ~

Warm (red, yellow, orange, brown) and
cool ( blue, green, purple, black) colors.

Learning to mix colors together directly on the canvas ~
the artist creates a warm color background.

We talked about shape, she sketched out the shapes of
her portrait and that of her cat, outlined the drawing
with a thick black sharpie and started painting the
background with a cool color.

She continued to add cool colors to the background -
using an "Impressionistic Style" - by dabbing different
shades of the color directly onto the canvas with her
paint brush.

The warm colors of the cat, pillow, her shirt, and face
all stand out against the cooler colors in the bedspread
and wall.
And Lesson Complete as the Little Artist
happily shows off her finished painting.
Her grade -
A plus, happy face, and a huge star.

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