Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corks and Canvas - Ladies Night Out

Last week I was invited to host a traveling pottery
party for a "Corks and Canvas" Ladies Night Out.
The women gathered at one of our local country clubs,
enjoyed a delicious dinner, a few drinks, gabbed a bit,
then got down to some "serious" artistic business.

I explained the process as the women, ever the
delightful students, listened intently to my

The ladies sketched their ideas out on paper ~

Copied their drawing onto the pottery sushi plate ~

and carefully painted their design with pottery glazes.
I brought the plates home and fired them in my kiln. The
plates were returned this week- just in time for
Valentine's Day gift giving!

It was delightful to see the interests and skill levels of the various
artists come to life ~ as is shown here
in a few of the finished pottery art plates.

~ Thanks to the Cavalier Country Club for the invitation
and enjoyable evening! ~


  1. Oh it sounds like it was lots of fun, wish I could have been there. :)


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