Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-School Summer Art Camp

Week Two - All about Me
This week the art camp artists created works of art based around themselves and what they love.

 Day One -The girls work on a self portrait of themselves looking into a hand held mirror.
Time goes fast when you're busy creating works of art with your b.f.f.'s

The little artists drew and colored self portraits ~

that were absolutely adorable.

  They also made self portrait magnetic paper dolls with extra clothing,

accessories and an assortment of animals.

On the last day we always celebrate with handmade cupcakes.
An activity all campers look forward to with much anticipation.
  The girls love to help by adding three cracked eggs ~

 a little bit of yogurt, some water and then they take turns mixing the batter.  Bake until done - add plenty of frosting, tons of sprinkles and eat right before camp ends.

 And another successful Art Camp with a group of happy little artists.


  1. Those self portraits look so, SO cute!

  2. I use to teach art to kids and I loved it!! Great project!

  3. Teaching children can be so freeing - they usually have no hangups about their work, therefore can be so inspiring. Pam - I bet you miss teaching!


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