Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Art Camp - Girls Week

 This week the theme for art camp was "Happy to be Me".
The artists spent the week creating works of art based around themselves and the activities they love.

Project #1
Portrait Paper Dolls
For the first project, I took pictures of the girls posed like a paper doll figure.  The portraits were cut, laminated and used as a pattern for clothing.

The girls decided the theme for their dolls was going to be a beach birthday party. They drew, colored, cut and I laminated accessories for their portrait dolls.

The accessories included birthday cakes, balloons, presents, umbrellas, towels, and beach balls.

 They also made clothing for their dolls that included bathing suits, cover ups and short sets.

Finished Portrait Doll Sets

Project #2
Painted Pottery Portrait Plates

Drawing soccer portraits
Proud artists
Focused on painting
Soccer Girl Portraits

Project #3

Silhouettes of the girls were drawn onto canvas - they outlined their silhouettes with sharpie

 and painted them with their two favorite colors.

Making Cupcakes :)

A little bit of shell adds to the nutritional value of cupcakes!

 Yogurt makes the cupcakes taste so yummy.

 And a little more moisture to help all the goodness stick together.

Mix everything together, pour into cupcake tins, bake and...

Gobble 'em up!!

 Nothing like a dip in the pool to wash off all remnants of cupcake crumbs and icing!

  And - set up for the art show!

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