Sunday, June 6, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women who Art

This week's artist spotlight welcomes in the month of June with a trip to the beach as we view the illustrious talents of Sara Cummings capturing a seaside scene.

Using a photograph of her son at the beach as inspiration, Sara layers acrylic colors of light blue, ultramarine blue and tan to build up the sea scape background .

Using this same palette of blues and tans, Sara transfers a "Winslow Homerish" feel to her canvas ~

with wind swept, dark blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rolling the tip of her brush across the canvas, Sara creates lines of rolling waves crashing against the shoreline.

The addition of her son on the canvas changes the entire feel of the scene.

The final piece ~ finished, framed and a piece of art both Sara and her son will treasure forever.


  1. I am so in awe of artists - and it's great to see the process. Thanks for this post ... very enlightening!

  2. Love the painting! Those waves look so real and beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  3. The coolest thing about this painting is that I got to watch it transpire. This is Sara's second painting, she's never really painted before, and to witness the lights going off and the wheels clicking as she learns through the painting process is such a thrill for me. More good things are yet to come, I'm sure!


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