Sunday, June 13, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women who Art

This weeks spotlight features two paintings created by artist, Alli Rachels.
Alli incorporates an impressionistic style in her paintings, building up layers of color and visual texture with slashes of paint thickly placed onto the canvas.

Allie's first painting was based on a photograph taken on her honeymoon.
Here she works on the final stages of the painting - capturing shadows and sunlight reflected off of the brilliant blue waters of Hawaii.
Adding more depth to the rock formations with deeper shades of brown and red paint.

And the painting finished just in time to give to her husband for their anniversary.

For her next painting, Allie left behind the warmth and seaside scenes of Hawaii to recreate the winter whites of a snow covered mountain.

Although it's hard to see in the picture above, Alli's snow was a stunning mix of colors that perfectly depicted a sun-dappled ski slope.

The artist and her finished piece. 
Alli is developing a lovely landscape painting style, full of movement and rich in texture.

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  1. Lovely. Nice to look at on a Sunday afternoon :)


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