Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inside The Studio

Ryan McGinness inside his studio.  Photo by Joe Fig
I recently purchased and have been enthralled with Joe Fig's inspirational book "Inside the Painter's Studio" in which he explores the working life of 24 artist, from those already in history books to those on the cusp of discovery, with interviews and visual documentation of their studios. In the interviews the artists discuss everything from when they considered themselves a professional artist to their favorite painting tools, how they organize their studios, set a creative mood, select a title, have a motto they live by and even advice they would give a young artist just starting out.

Inka Essenhigh Studio Floor.  Photo by Joe Fig
The one thing that really amazed me, probably because my studio is in the middle of my home and therefore needs to remain somewhat clean, are the layers of paint on walls, floors, tables and shoes within the documented studios.

Mary Heilmann Studio.  Photo by Joe Fig
After reading many of the interviews and drooling over the artists large, light filled studio spaces, I felt the need to create my the art studio of my dreams.  In it there would be a huge sliding door with multiple windows that I could open on sunny days, walls filled with windows, plenty of art supplies, storage areas and light, farm tables and easels, student artists painting, music playing, coffee perking, and a big old clock for time management.

Photo by Joe Fig
Not to mention layers of paint and the ability to close that big ole door and walk away without spot shining everything before family, friends or guests arrive.  Do you dream of having your own creative space?  If so, what would you include?

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  1. Great photos! I use a beautiful corner bedroom as my craft room/office which is perfect for my needs. But if I was a painter or a potter I would love a huge open area like the one pictured with tons of windows and sliders onto a deck outside so work can be done out there on perfect days! ~Val


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