Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Painting Party

Table Setting for an artistic birthday party
A few weeks ago I hosted a surprise pottery painting party for the daughter of one of my Monday morning art ladies.  Her daughter is a young mom of two boys - a newborn and a three year old - and many of the invited guests are young mothers as well.  It was a special evening for these ladies, who rarely have time to get together, and a true surprise for the birthday girl.

The birthday girl (on right) and one of her best friends busy painting their special platters.
The birthday girl dives right into sketching her image while the other girls look on in amazement.
The discussions were lively and many very funny and touching stories were shared.
The girls and the party hostess pose for a picture.
Great big smiles are a true testament of a happy evening spent amongst friends and each artists delight in their handcrafted work.


  1. What a great surprise birthday party idea! Having everyone sit at a big table is the perfect set up for chatting the time away while painting too! ~Val

  2. That great big art table (which is really 2 tables pushed together) gets quite a bit of use between my students and myself.


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