Monday, February 21, 2011

Student Spotlight on Women who Art

This weeks spotlight shines once more on my ever faithful student, Mimi Boseman.  Mimi often shows up twice a week to work on her paintings and has acquired a prolific portfolio of fine art.  Much of her recent work has been paintings to be given as gifts.  The gifted works relate specifically to the intended recipient, and are therefore quite diverse in style. 


For this painting Mimi used an image of her friends boat as inspiration for her painting.  She graphed out the boat and quickly added background colors for the sky and water.
Close up of her drawn image and swirling water.
Adding detail to the boat.
Correcting the boats angles.
More detail work.
Mimi with the finished painting titled "Someday Came" ~ retitled "Boat without Driver".

Landscape painting

Using a limited color palette, Mimi recreates a postcard image from Matthews County, Va. 
Mimi and her gorgeous rendition of the fog covered lake.
A friends home in Switzerland
After getting the architectural detail of her friends home in Switzerland drawn and painted in, Mimi works on the background scenery and on adding reflective color to the snow.
Mimi with her finished painting - looking like she belongs within her painted image.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of Mimi painting a portrait of her grand-daughter playing in a pile of leaves.  But the finished painting is stunning and a true gift of love.

For this painting Mimi used an engagement picture as inspiration for the newlyweds wedding gift.
Texture was added to the tree tops with a sponge and feather brush.  Mimi used many layers of color and line to create depth and detail in a field of grass and in the dogs fur.
Working on more detail and on blending the colors.

Mimi with another hand painted gift for her very lucky family.

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