Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Art Camp Week Three

Beach Party

This week my little artists took a little "trip to the beach" to find inspiration for their artistic activities.


Jellyfish mobile

For our jellyfish mobile, the artists painted a heavy duty paper bowl in cool colors of blue, green and purple because cool colors remind us of water.  Paint was added to both the inner and outer sides of the bowl.

Once dry enough to handle I punched 2 holes in the center of the bowl, threaded a ribbon through the holes and tied it together to form a ring.  Strips of fabric were hot glued to the inner part of the bowl to construct jellyfish tentacles.   So simple and oh so pretty.


Hand painted pottery sand pail

A trip to the beach is not complete without a sand bucket.  To add a bit of class to ours the artists sketched and painted a bisque pottery pail which, once finished, was fired in my kiln.

Gorgeous enough to hold hydrangea flowers freshly picked from the garden.


Surfer on beach painting

A surfing artist is a happy artist so to keep this little bunch in good spirits a surfing self portrait was mandatory.  The artists divided their 16x20 inch canvas into three sections.  The bottom was painted yellow for sand, the middle turquoise for water, the top portion light blue for sky then wavy white lines were painted on top of the turquoise water for waves.

Afterwards I led the artists step by step through a simple shape drawing process for their portrait body and surfboard.  The artists outlined their pencil lines with a thick black sharpie then carefully painted their composition with acrylic paint.


Watercolor sea scene


And thus ends another week of awesome art and satisfied surfers. 

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