Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Art Camp

This past week four little artists helped kick off my summer art camp program with a Tea Party.  


My front porch was the perfect setting for creative inspiration as birds sang to us each morning and nature produced a colorful palette.

Here's a look back on our artful week together:


The girls each painted a 16x20 inch canvas with their favorite color onto which they used simple shapes to draw and outline a cupcake design. 

This was followed by a discussion on complimentary colors;  how colors opposite each other on the color wheel create the strongest contrast and reinforce each other.  The artists, enthralled by the concept, chose a paint color to compliment their background.

Knowing that one cannot have a tea party painting without a little bit of bling, sparkles were added to the finished paintings.




A tea party art camp without hand drawn and painted tea cups would be an absolute travesty! 

Teacup problem averted the artists moved on to our next project.


A handmade stand ~ assembled with terra-cotta pots and saucers, painted with non-toxic, lead-free pottery glazes and fired in my kiln ~ would become a lovely spot for a homemade cupcake!

With the cupcake stands created it was time for our final production:



All hands were on board for the making and baking of cupcakes.  After which happy, hungry artists gleefully celebrated a wonderful week of art.



Thank you girls for getting my summer art program off to an excellent start.  


Stay tuned for the wrap up of next weeks "World of Wonders" art camp...

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