Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Art Camp

Week Two - Wonders of the Natural World

Our inspiration for this weeks art camp was provided by forms of life that surround us ~ animals, plants and birds.


 Project 1 - Hand painted pottery garden markers

Before any art began, the girls and I discussed what different plants could be grown in a home garden.  With the summer growing season going on around us ideas flowed with little prompting.  For example, one could have vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and squash.   Or a flower garden with daisies, sunflowers, roses and tulips.  With these examples in mind the artists drew and painted their designs onto a bisque garden marker.

The markers were fired in my kiln and are now ready to decorate a flower pot or small plot of land at each girls house.

  Project 2

Painted terra-cotta pots

   The artists painted the pot and saucer with acrylic paint, to help preserve the color the painted pots were sprayed with a clear varnish.



Project 3

Self portrait with favorite pet

For our third project the girls drew a portrait of themselves holding one of their favorite animals.  The drawings included a few cats, a rabbit and a turtle.   The portraits were outlined with a black marker and colored with oil pastels.

The portraits were cut out, glued onto a contrasting polka-dot piece of  paper then glued to a plain piece of heavy duty art paper.  To finish off this cute piece of art the girls drew animal footprints around the edges, outlined them with a black marker and colored the prints with crayon.



Project 4 

Hand painted bird houses







And another week of summer art camp comes to an end with happy faces, a collection of fabulous art and hopefully a few lessons learned.










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