Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Art Camp

Two little girls celebrate summer with an artful tea party


The artists at work creating a plate from a slab of rolled out clay placed on top of paper plates then pressed into shape with water wet fingers.

The girls used cookie cutters to cut out a cupcake and crown from leftover clay scraps.  The two shapes were attached to the plate by a process of slipping and scoring.

Once joined the plates were set aside to dry before getting fired in my kiln.

The first firing removed all water from the clay producing a white bisque plate upon which the girls drew and painted their designs with lead-free, non-toxic pottery glaze.  The plates were fired once again.

Glazed and fired handmade pottery plates and hand painted tea cups.


Onto a 16x20 inch canvas the artists formed a tea cup outline by sketching three concentric circles, a very simplistic design perfect for painting.  A color, pink of course, was chosen for the background.

Once the background was finished, texture, depth and interest were created in the negative space through the addition of a lighter paint color.  This same process was used to paint the concentric circles of the saucer and tea cup design.

A curved line was drawn around the plate; to this line leaves and a few simple circles were added for rose buds.  Once again paint was layered to create interest and depth.

Tea Cup with Flower - 16x20 inch acrylic




Our last two projects were a painted wooden treasure box and a cloth dinner napkin.  Both painted with acrylic paint.



And week four of summer art camp comes to a close with happy faces and very delighted tummies.

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