Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Illustration Friday - Surfers ADAPT to water and wave conditions.

Illustration Friday - Adapt
Acrylic on Canvas
A surfer learns to adapt to changes in wave conditions and water temperature.
When our children were younger my husband bought a soft surf board, which is wonderful for beginners, so he could teach our son and daughter how to surf. We live on the East Coast where wave conditions are usually ideal for the novice surfer ~ therefore, not too intimidating ~ as you can see from this painting I did of my daughter. This same yellow board has made its way around the neighborhood as our neighbors children have learned how to surf. I can imagine there are numerous households around here that have pictures very similar to my painting.
Anyway, as the end of the school year gets closer, it won't take us long to adapt to the lazy days of summer, and all the glorious memories which this season brings.
Enjoy adapting!


  1. Really nice one, a really great interpretation about the subject!


  2. Love the painting. When did you paint that? When she was younger. I LOVE the beach. I need to get on a vacation and get down there to the Virginia Beach.

  3. I love the "softness" of your paintings . . . if that makes any sense. They are just so calming to me. Just love them!

  4. The feeling is great, I agree with Sherry. The looseness adds to the watery theme. Well done!

  5. Thank you for your comments! This painting, which I did when my daughter was eight ~ she is now sixteen ~ was one of my first figurative paintings. It is also one of my favorites, only because I am so sentimental, not because of the quality or lack of.
    Cindy ~ our door is always open.

  6. I have always thought surfing would be so fun. Bud sadly I do not live by the ocean but in the desert! Thanks for the comment!


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