Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beach Bungalow Feature on Simply Hue Design

Feature Article on our Beach Home:
As I have discussed in earlier posts, I am an artist who is a self-diagnosed sufferer of obsessive compulsive decorating disorder. Consistently arranging and rearranging furniture, paintings, accessories, husband, children....whatever.

And since I can't keep my hands away from the paintbrush for too long, things that are stationary tend to get painted.  Therefore you can imagine my excitement when Vicki Dvorak from Simply Hue - Your source for color inspiration, contacted me to see if she could feature our home on her blog site.

Holy Toledo Bat Man ~ a real excuse to redecorate and rearrange! The heavens in all their decorated glory have smiled on me.  Time to get to work...

Since the master bathroom vanity and mirror had already been painted.  As well as

the tile work and sink (images inspired by the amazing illustrations of artist Michael Hague)

 I had to add a little paint to the wall in my daughters bedroom!

I told my son, who is at college, the article makes our house look so good we should have no problem renting out his room. :) Any takers???
If you have a moment, please visit her Vicki"s blog, Simply Hue. Her site is beautiful and it is a true honor to be featured there. 


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on the feature, and your home is beautiful!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment in my blog... I just came to reciprocate and now I envy you lots! That kitchen is soooo pretty... congratulations on being featured...

  3. I liked the way you decorated the kitchen. Loved the floor texture.

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  4. I love your kitchen!! Must be nice to enjoy redecorating. I'm supposed to paint my kitchen this year. YUCK!! Might be more fun if hubby and I could agree on colors.

  5. Congrats! I love seeing how people have transformed their homes. Also, Happy early Birthday!!!

  6. Being featured in publication, print or digital is a real accomplishment. Congratulations.

    I have commented on your blog before. Now, I would like you to take a look at mine again. It is currently featuring a video by a Zuni artist on the subject of fakes and authenticity.

  7. I only wish I had that much creativity. The way your kitchen flows with your living room is pretty much seamless. Also I like the tiles you used on your countertops, did you paint those yourself? I've seen the additional pics on Simply Hue and their great. Beautiful Home!

  8. Thank you Alex ~ they are hand painted. I painted them when our house was being remodeled (and before I got my kiln!)
    Vicki posted an awesome article on our home, and I am so grateful.

  9. Hi! thanks for including your project in the Round-Up! I'm going to go check out that link and I look forward to seeing your husbands landscape projects!


  10. Whoa! I'm so loving that outhouse in the bedroom.
    Congrats on the article.


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