Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Living and Life is Good

As a teenager, and now as an adult, I've always felt very fortunate to live near the beach. In high school our summer days were spent lying on the beach and cruising along the boardwalk. My first job, besides babysitting, was at a Dairy Queen on 19th St - right off of the boardwalk ~ easily accessible for visits from friends. Later on I worked at a Water Slide - remember those - at the south end of the beach ~ another job for which friendly visits happened frequently. My husband, who I knew ~ and went out with for a short while ~ in High School still loves to surf. In fact, it's very rare that we don't take a vacation without the surfboard. Now our teenagers are experiencing ~ and enjoying ~ this same beach lifestyle.
Recently I've been working on a series of hand painted collages on canvas which reflect the delights of summer and the ease of beach living. Here are a few more - which, if you would like more detail, are listed in my shop ~ www.magicmarkingsart.com

Biking by the Sea
5x7" Hand Painted Collage on Canvas

Summertime on the Boardwalk
5x7" Hand Painted Collage on Canvas

Morning Surf Session
5x7" Hand Painted Canvas
This painting is from a picture of my son and his two friends out enjoying a little morning surf session.

Wishing you a peaceful, creative day.


  1. these feel like I am at the beach....love them! I have also enjoyed your art camps with the kids....what a joy to teach kids how to express themselves without words and intellectualizing...I feel it's so important to children and sadly lacking in our schools today...


  2. More beautiful work! I love the look of these pieces!

  3. You added some more awesome beach painting. I got to tell you, you got the ocean waves down well! Excellent!

  4. Love your art. You have a blog award on my blog! check it out. :)


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