Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Week Four

Books and Illustrations
Tell your story through art!

Pottery Story Plates

The handmade pottery piece this week was created with the Books and Illustrations theme in mind. The art camp authors thought about the story they wanted to write ~ Drew images from their imaginary story onto the clay with a pencil ~ Cut the image out and attached it to their pottery plate form. Plates were fired in my kiln ~ glazed with food-safe glazes ~ and fired again. Here you can see the process from beginning to end.

The Altered Book

Small board books are primed and ready for art camp authors. Books will be altered using paint, texture, collage, and digital enhancement.

From Pictures to Words ~
We read the book "From Pictures to Words" by Janet Stevens.
The girls then created a story sheet with their setting, characters, plot, and the beginning-middle-end of story. Using this as a guide, the girls designed a story board (a small set of illustrations depicting what will take place on each page in their story.)

Once the story board was finished we started to work on the background images of each page. First drawing out the page ~using the story board as a guide.
Then adding texture and paint through the various means shown below:

1.) Colored Tissue Paper Texture ~
Cut colored pieces of tissue paper into small pieces. Glue onto book page. Paint over top with an additional layer of glue. And let dry.

2.) White tissue paper ~
Glue tissue paper onto page. Paint with watery acrylic paint. Quickly wipe off paint.

3.) Masking Tape Texture ~
Tear masking tape into small pieces. Adhere to book page. Rub with edge of scissors.
Paint over the top with watery acrylic paints, and quickly wipe off some of the paint.

4.) Texture Made with Elmers Glue ~
1. Pour then finger paint glue onto page. 2. Paint over wet glue. 3. Use hair dryer to dry glue/paint mixture. This creates a crackled, finger paint like texture.

Collage work continues. A hair dryer is used to speed up the drying process.

Pictures of the girls were taken ~ printed out into a coloring book image ~ cut ~ colored and glued onto the book pages. Illustrations of the other characters were drawn, cut and glued onto the corresponding pages. Story words were typed ~ printed ~ cut and glued.

The girls created a cover, title and dedication page.
The Books in their finished state. A job well done by three diligent authors and illustrators.

The next Summer Art Camps for ages 9 - 11:
July 20 - 23rd - Totally Me
August 10 - 13 - Print This
August 24 - 27 - School Time
Space is still available. If interested, please check out my website:
Magic Markings Art Studio

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