Monday, July 13, 2009

Some days it nice to have a helping hand....

Today was one of those days!
Thanks Mom and Dad!

About 15 minutes after art camp began today I received a phone call from my son - one of those phone calls that, as a parent, you hate to receive ~ "Mom, I'm OK, but I just had an accident - I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light - the other guy is fine too, but he's older so there's an ambulance coming to take him to the hospital, the police are on their way, and your car is totaled."
~ OK ~
Deep breath and a prayer of thanks that everyone is alright.
Then, of course, the questions. What happened, are you sure you're OK, are you sure the other guy is OK, is his car totaled too, was there anyone else involved, I hear the sirens are you sure you don't need to be checked out...Alright, let me call Grandy and Pops. I'll see if they're available to come get you.
Another deep breath and another prayer of thanks.
First because my son is fine, as is the other gentleman.
Secondly because my parents live close by and I knew I could count their help.
One phone call later and my dad is on the way to wait with my son while the police collect information, to bring him back home, to return a short time later to take him to the doctors office to have his neck and back checked out ~ to return to his home so my mom could get my son from the doctors office and take him to pick up HIS car - which we had just dropped off this morning to have the tires rotated - which is why he was driving MY car - while I was in the middle of teaching an art class with no mode of transportation.
So, for this - and for all the other times you have dropped everything to help us out - I say Thank You and I Love You.

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