Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MacKenzie Child's Addict

I admit, I am addicted to MacKenzie Childs tableware, and decor. Their whimsical patterns and shapes appeal to the artist in me. If price were no problem, I would furnish my house with items from their store. Unfortunately, this is just a dream. But ~ with a little creativity, some paint, and a paint brush I have used their patterns to decorate various items in my home.

Our stove - which we need to replace~ but I'm not ready to part with just yet.

Our dishwasher ~ which runs just fine ~ knock on wood.

The window treatments in our front room ~ which I created to go along with our colorful Christmas theme ~ then decided to keep up year-round.

Recently I've been playing around with handmade pottery tea sets in the whimsical style of MacKenzie Childs. Here are a few of my finished pieces. I think they turned out quite cute.

Tea Pot
1.5 x 1"

Sugar bowl and Creamer Set
Sugar Bowl - 1x1"
Creamer - 2x1.5"

Pitcher and Tea Cups
Pitcher - 1.75"x1.5"
Tea cups - 1.5"x1"

Celebration Cake and Cake Stand
Cake - 1.5"x1"
Cake Stand - 1.5"x1.75"

If you love the whimsical look of MacKenzie Childs, stop back by - I'm sure I'll be painting more!


  1. Cute!! I love MacKenzie Childs too! What a wonderful (but spendy) way to decorate!! Great tea sets!!

  2. these are just darling.....I adore the little tea set! and what you do with kitchen appliances, I bet you could sell them too although that would be a bit pricey now wouldn't it. :)

    hoping this one posts easily....have been having some problems getting these little boxes for comments to work right without redoing over and over so fingers crossed!

    #2 try....

  3. Your home decorations are wonderful.
    Your hand painted pottery looks really nice too.
    Looking forward to see the next ones.


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