Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Portrait - Custom Order for 30th Anniversary

Life has been pretty busy recently ~
trying to get custom orders painted and
out the door before this weekend.
So I'm not going to write much today ~
but leave you with a visual diary
of my some of my custom paintings
from this past week.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Portrait and Hand Painted Photo Collage
8"x10" Canvas

Friends Celebrating their
50th Birthday's and
47 Years of Friendship!
Original photograph and Hand Painted Photo Collage
on 5"x7"canvas

Original photograph and Hand Painted Photo Collage
on 5"x7" canvas

Kathy - Thank you for your custom orders
and for letting me share them!
A big toast to
you and your husband
and your friendships
and life long relationships.

1 comment:

  1. What is your process for this? I don't need all the details, just wondering if you free hand these or have some other uber cool system. I'm always floored when I see such cool stuff. I have a bit of a problem with realism (in so many ways! ;-})
    ~Crafty Mom


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