Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cork and Canvas Art Show

This past weekend I hosted a "Cork and Canvas Art Show" to showcase the amazing collection of art work created during my Women who Art Classes.  This engaging event featured a compilation of paintings from sixteen artistic women.  I welcome you to sit back and enjoy our magical evening of wine, food and art.
Art Show:
Apples - That Darn Chair - Turquoise Sea

Martini with fruit

 Lime Margarita

 Cowgirl and Garden Tomatoes

  Hot Pink Geraniums, Sailboats, Daisy and Beach Day

 Plein Air Garden

 Lucy, Plein Air Flower Garden, and a Work in process

Laundry Day 

By the Sea

A Snowy Day

 Afternoon Tea and Doris

Wheat Field
Yellow Boots and Pink Rose
Little Red Wagon, Yellow Boots, 

Adirondack chairs  

 Coastal Sailboat

Opening Night Gala:

Thank you ladies for sharing your gifts of creativity, for your stories, and for the laughter and friendship you bring to my home each week.  I have been truly blessed.
Cheers to one incredible group of women!


  1. Wonderful variety of subjects and images.
    I like the apples and tomatoes!
    thanks for sharing

  2. The way you staged the artwork perfectly amplified each piece's meaning and beauty. Nice work my friend! Sorry to have missed...

  3. Great displays! The fireplace mantel with the Adirondack Chairs is just gorgeous..., you should keep that display up -all of them, haha!!


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