Monday, May 17, 2010

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

Welcome to a tropical day at the beach courtesy of 
our Artist of the Week ~ Caroline Foresta.

After working on two rather geometric martini paintings, Caroline had enough confidence to paint with a looser touch.

Her color palette was bold and beautiful
with pops of turquoise and orange ~
and a lovely stretch of sand along the shore.
The color detail in the umbrella is fabulous,
and it was awesome to watch Caroline's confidence grow

as the group awarded her talent and painting "Wall Worthy"
Congratulations Caroline ~ your painting is as lovely and striking as you!


  1. Very cute! I'd like to be sitting in one of those chairs today!

  2. Campbell Jane - I would absolutely Love to have you sitting among this awesome group of women - sharing your talent, friendship and wealth of knowledge!

  3. Ilove it! What a fun painting! The colors are great.


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