Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Works in Process

I'm still working on my Diving Theme and have another painting in the works.

Compositional Layout

Working on the color palette

For some reason the composition and colors in this painting have been causing me a fit - this is about the fourth or fifth change I've made to the background design and color scheme.  Not sure if I'm too happy with it yet, but I think it's getting there.
The other ~ totally different ~ project in process is a Graduation Invitation.   I am designing this for a very good friend whose son is getting ready to graduate from high school. 

They have a cute little dog, whom her son loves ~ so of course the dog has to be included.

A boy and his dog.

Her son will be heading off to U.Va next year - therefore I drew Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda for the background.

 A boy and his dog - ready to graduate and  begin the next chapter in their lives.
Congratulations Eric!
Go Wahoos!

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