Monday, May 24, 2010

Women Who Art - Student Spotlight

This weeks Artist Spotlight shines brightly on
Mimi Boseman and her gorgeous pink Camilla.

Mimi is an amazing gardener, which makes it easy to understand why she is drawn to painting landscapes and flowers.  Here she works on the beginning stages of a Camilla, of which the photograph was taken last year.

The colors she chose are like a luscious pink sherbet - all pinks, yellows and white.

   As Mimi adds darker shades of pink, gold and wonderful pops of white the flower just bursts from the background .

Simply stunning!

 The lady and her Camilla.  
This photo truly captures two beautiful flowers in the prime of their lives.


  1. Stunning I agree!! This is the way to have beautiful flowers in the home, haha.

  2. With a painting like this you could have a house full of beautiful flowers throughout the year!

  3. beautiful painting!

    thanks so much for visiting our little exercise blog! It is a great little source of motivation...although I've still not been doing so well lately! Good luck with getting back on running yourself! It's such a journey, isn't it?


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