Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artistic Beach Girls

Four Beach Girls tear themselves away from the sand and sea

to get creative at summer art camp.

Our first project was a self portrait by the ocean shore, so we just HAD to
 head to the beach for a little photo op!

 The girls each posed for a picture which was downloaded and printed back at my art studio.  They cut out
their portraits and painted - right over the image - with acrylic paints.  The portraits were set aside while
they painted an ocean-scape on their canvas. Starting with a layer of light blue ~
 then adding a mixture of light blue, tan and white at the bottom of the canvas for sand ~
drawing beach toys and background scenery around their portraits
to add an artistic touch to their beach scenes.
 Color was added to the sketched in drawings and I showed them how to use a rolling motion with a round brush and white paint to create the illusion of waves breaking against the shore.
  The girls used their fingers to "tap" the wet wave, sand and sea colors together.
The ocean-scapes were set aside to dry.

During art camp, the girls also drew on and glazed bisque pottery plates
with a beach theme ~

created little "paper dolls" with clothing and accessories
which were laminated and made into necklace charms and earrings.  (How cute are these?!)
They also took pictures of items shaped like letters in the word "beach".
that were downloaded onto my computer,
cropped by the girls, printed, cut out and adhered, with photo corners, to a mat board.
The girls last step...attaching their hand painted portraits to the ocean-scape canvas ~

heading back to the beach for a little more
fun in the sun.

Thank you girls for a "beachy keen" week! 
Enjoy your next few weeks of summertime freedom before a new school year begins.


  1. Cathy,as usual, you hosted an awesome camp for the girls. Thank you so much.
    Charlie Belleville

  2. So fun! Art camp..., I would have taken that any time, but no such thing when I was that age.

    Thanks so much for sharing about Charleston..., it's most definitely on my list!!


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