Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Challenge: A Photo a Day

I've taken up a little challenge , begun by Susannah Conway, to post a photo a day during the month of August.  There are really no rules, just to become more present to our surroundings through the lens of our camera.  I've decided my theme will be "A corner of my world" and to kick off the month, here are a few photo's taken right outside our back door.

 Sunday morning on the deck.

Seashells and a starfish on the outdoor mantel make

a nice backdrop for photographing my jewelry and art work.

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  1. wow what a lovely deck can just imagine being sat there with a nice cup of coffee :-)

  2. our yard and the landscape is my husbands hobby, pride and joy - so sitting on the deck, in the morning, with a nice cup of coffee truly is a wonderful way to begin the day.

  3. Your deck is beautiful. It looks so cozy!

  4. A charming series! I love your composition in blue and your focus on tiny things, so often overlooked.


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