Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Surfing Art - Summer Art Camp

The last week of Summer Art Camp was a paint splattered wave of productive fun.  The Artists created works based on the theme of Surfing and - much like a rain dance for bringing on rain - they brought in some awesome surf for this past weekends ECSC Surfing Contest.

Project 1 - Bisque Fish Plates
The Artists painted bisque pottery fish plates ~

that look liked a colorful school of fish.

Project 2 - Colorful Surfboard Wall Hangings
They created surfboard designs on foam-core board ~

outlined their drawings with sharpie markers ~

and carefully painted around their designs.

Once the boards were dry, they were cut out and backed with string for hanging.

Project 3 - Surfing Self Portraits
For the surfing painting - a picture was taken of each artist holding a surf board.  The picture was printed on paper and cut out.  The artists placed their portrait on canvas and sketched a beach scene around it.

The portrait was set aside while the artists painted their background ocean-scapes ~

with each scene reflecting the interests of the individual artist.

Once the back ground scenes were finished, the artists painted directly on top of their printed out portraits.

To finish off the paintings - the portraits were adhered to the painted canvas

with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

Not only were the artists successful in creating beautiful works of art - they also brought on an amazing weekend of surf!  Way to go kids!!!

Thanks for a fabulous send-off to summer and best wishes for a great school year!


  1. LOVE these! all you your projects are great - I especially love this one!

  2. I love the surfing self portraits! How fun!!!


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