Friday, August 20, 2010

It's all about You...Summer Art Camp

A group of young artists come together to create works of art based on themselves and their interests and brighten up my studio with their colorful paintings and delightful banter.  There is nothing quite like the expressive art of children! 
~ Here's a glimpse into our productive week ~

Project #1:  Pottery Portraits
The artist busy drawing portraits of themselves on bisque pottery plates.

The finished pottery plates - glazed and fired.

Project #2:  Name Flags
The artists trace a flag pattern and bubble letters onto different colored papers, cut out the tracings and glue their name letters onto the colorful flags.

The top edge of each flag was folded backwards and a ribbon was strung down the length of the flags. A line of glue placed along the edge of the fold created a nice little pocket that holds the ribbon in place.

The artists used leftover paper scraps to decorate their flags then set them aside to dry.  Each artist now has a colorful flag banner to hang in their bedrooms, bathroom or play house.

Project #3:  Mirror Portraits
The artists drew a portrait of the back of themselves with their hands extended and add a view of their bedroom.

Outlined their drawings with sharpie.

Painted the background

with acrylic paint in the color of their bedroom

carefully painting around the edges of furniture, doors

and around their portraits.

While the paintings were set aside to dry, the artists colored a paper mirror and glued a picture of themselves into the center of the mirror.

The mirror was then glued to the hand

of each artist - as they check themselves one last time before heading out their bedroom door.

For our last art project each student chose a prop with which to pose for a picture.

The image was printed, cut out and traced onto a patterned sheet of paper.

The pattered silhouettes were cut out and glued to a plain sheet of colored paper.

Pattered elements were added to the background to create wonderful silhouettes of each artist.

Drawing to a close a week of colorful, expressive art and memories of creative productivity.

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