Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Launched...A Brand new Series of Paintings

 Vintage Postcard Paintings, Jewelry and Wood Blocks
~ Art with a Message ~
I believe every painting conveys a narrative that's unique to the viewer as memories, life circumstances, and view points all play upon each other when one views a piece of art. In order to chronicle the significance of these unique stories I've added an original postcard message space onto the back of my series of vintage postcard paintings, wood blocks and jewelry. This space is perfect for personalized stories, names, quotes, phrases or, if bought as a gift, for sending a message to the recipient.
Postcard Message Space on Back of Paintings.

Here are a few newly listed pieces:
For more information, click on the image or title.

Like an illustration torn from a favorite book, or a memory written down on a piece of paper these paintings are all created on a piece of primed canvas that is cut and adhered to a canvas frame or wood block.
8 x 10 x inches
5 x 7 inches
8 x 10 inches

Personalized with your message, quote or name on the back.
               The Pick Up                          I pledge allegiance             
                               Surfer Girls                    Bohemian Fashion on the Beach


Wood Blocks
Images painted on primed canvas paper, cut and adhered to natural wood blocks.  With postcard message space on the back of the wood blocks.
What's Your Story?

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