Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...................Another Day of Production...........................

New Story Plates
Today I am working on brain storming story lines, drawing, and painting another series of story plates. I am trying to get enough work together for the Virginia Beach Garden Club's Flower Show and Sale on Wednesday, April 29, which will be at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. (Put it on your calendars!) As you can tell from the picture, there will be first birthday stories, and a "letter from mom" story. More ideas are percolating and keeping me up late. So, I best get back to work. Have a productive day, and Just Create Something. :)


  1. Those are very lovely! I love the cupcake design! Good luck and here's to lots of sales!

  2. How sweet! I think your story plates are quite clever! I created something today and it felt great!


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